SYMPOSIUM: Lina Bo Bardi 100 (copy 1)

13. November 2014, 9:30 am

Recent research on the work of Lina Bo Bardi will be the focus of a scholarly symposium, that will take place during the opening of the exhibition "Lina Bo Bardi 1OO" on November 13th, 2014 in the Ernst von Siemens-Auditorium of the Pinakothek der Moderne. International speakers from Brazil, USA and Europe will come together to discuss Lina Bo Bardi's work. The focus will be the reflection of her design methodologies, her theoretical interests and her effective implementation in the practice of architecture.

The Symposium will analyze the little explored aspects of her work including her exhibition practices, her architecture and her theoretical writings dealing with the concepts of modernism in architecture. Together with the audience, questions regarding Lina Bo Bardi’s work will be explored: Why is interest in the Italian-Brazilian architect piquing only now? What influence does her work hold as an alternative path to modernity for younger generations? And what lessons can today’s architects learn from her anthropological pursuits? These topics, questions of the complex personality Lina Bo Bardi and her recontextualized role as an architect will be explored during the Symposium.


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Panel 1: Theories and DrawingsCathrine Veikos: Lina Bo Bardi's Theory of Architecture: A Visual NarrativeGabriella Consentino Cianciolo: From the paper to the building site: Lina Bo Bardi's drawingsModeration: Brigitte Soelch

Panel 2: Objects and Exhibitions
Zeuler R. Lima: The Architecture of Display
Mara Sánchez Llorens: (Re)Visiting Lina Bo Bardi Architecture. Objects and Collective Actions
Moderation: Andres Lepik

Panel 3: Tradition and Modernism
Marcelo Rezende: Delirium Ambulatorium: the luggage of our daydream
Vera Simone Bader: The historical present in Lina Bo Bardi's building work
Moderation: Brigitte Soelch

Panel 4: Architecture
Renato Anelli: House in the woods: the sheer transparency in the tropics
Sabine von Fischer: Reflections on a Modern Prophecy. Lina Bo Bardi's MASP
Marcelo Ferraz: Guerrilla Architecture - The making of SESC Pompeia
Moderation: Hugo Segawa

Conference language: English

Ernst von Siemens-Auditorium in der Pinakothek der Moderne | Free Entrance

Sponsored by:

Förderverein des Architekturmuseums der TU München

Kulturstiftung des Bundes