The new board duo with director at the opening, 2021, Photo: Jakob Bahret
Member trip Zurich 2019, Photo: Stefan M. Schmidt
Member trip Zurich 2019, Photo: Stefan M. Schmidt

Förderverein des Architekturmuseums

Support the Architekturmuseum through your membership in the Förderverein!

As a member, you enjoy certain benefits:

Free admission to all exhibitions at the Architekturmuseum, and timely notification concerning current events and exhibitions. You will receive personal invitations to all openings and previews. In addition, we also offer special guided tours through our exhibitions, exclusive viewings, and special trips organized in coordination with individual exhibitions. And you can acquire publications of the Architekturmuseum for a reduced price.

We would be delighted to welcome you to the circle of friends of the Architekturmuseum!

Annual contribution:
Individual membership 150 euros
Family membership 250 euros
Firm/institution/patron: minimum 500 euros
Student/trainee 25 euros

For donations:
Kontoverbindung: HypoVereinsbank München
IBAN DE44 7002 0270 0659 2024 25 | BIC HYVEDEMMXXX

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Exhibition tour WHOS NEXT - Directors/Curators tours, 2021
Exhibition opening WHO'S NEXT, 2021, Photo: Jakob Bahret
New Year's reception, 2020
Guided tour through AM-Archive, 2020
Sundowner after guided tour "Experience in Action", 2020
anniversary 150 years TUM guided tour
movie premiere in Germany REM by Tomas Koolhaas with Andres Lepik and Katja Eichinger

About the Förderverein

The Förderverein (Association of Friends) of the Architekturmuseum der Technischen Universität München has offered support to the museum ever since it moved into the Pinakothek der Moderne in 2002. The Förderverein provides assistance with individual exhibitions as well as publications. It also contributes conceptually through its active circle of friends, contributing to ongoing discussions about architecture.

Administrative office:

Dietlind Bachmeier | | Tel: 089 23805-383
(Tuesday and Thursday mornings)

Executive Board:

Chairperson: Amandus Samsøe Sattler
Andres Lepik (AM-Direktor)
Andrea Benze
Thomas Girst
Thomas Jocher
Hans-Dieter Lochmann
Stefan M. Schmidt
Dietlind Bachmeier

Advisory Board:

Melanie Hammer (spokesperson), Alexander Fthenakis (deputy spokesperson), Julia Hinderink (deputy spokesperson)

Victoria von Gaudecker, Norbert Gebbeken, Andrea Gebhard, Horst Haffner, Thomas F. Hofmann, Sandra Hofmeister, Mikala Holme Samsøe, Uwe Kiessler, Maximilian von der Leyen, Manfred Probst, Karin Sandeck, Helmut Schiedermair, Martin Schnitzer, Christiane Thalgott , Christian Ude, Wilhelm Warning

Statutes and simplified notice concerning contributions:


Simplified notice concerning contributions