Neuperlach, Photo: Myrzik & Jarisch

Conference "Neue Heimat"April 26, 2019, 1 p.m. - 6 p.m.

History, Impact and Perspectives

Beyond considering the housing company's history and its buildings, the conference "Neue Heimat" is concerned with examining underlying political, economic and societal frameworks. Brief expert presentations will discuss the role played by the public sector and social housing, as well as the legacy of the housing estates.



Andreas Hild (Dean of the Faculty for Architecture, TUM) | Welcoming Address

Andres Lepik (Architekturmuseum derTUM) | Introduction

Michael Mönninger (Hochschule für bildende Künste Braunschweig) | Self-Conception and Self-Portrayal of a Global Trade Union Company.

Andreas Müsseler (TU München)  | “Relief Town” Neuperlach – Origin and Future of a Constructed Utopia.

Hilde Strobl (Architekturmuseum der TUM) | From Participatory Approaches to Experimental Settlements – Neue Heimat’s Change of Course in Housing Construction.

Sonja Hnilica (TU Dortmund) | Large-Scale Residential Housing. Debates Around an Aesthetics of Mass Construction in the 1960s.

– Break 15:00-­15:30 –

Christiane Thalgott (Head of the municipal building control office, retd., Munich) | Issues of Land Reform Regarding the Conditions Before and After the Urban Development Promotion Act – And Today?

Sophie Wolfrum (TU München) | The City as Common Property

Andreas Putz (Professur Neuere Baudenkmalpflege, TUM) | Patterns in Dealing with Inventories. A Conservationist Perspective.

Andreas Hofer (Intendant IBA 2027, Stuttgart) | Large-Scale Housing Estates: Taking Risks Again!


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Event accompanying the current exhibition on "Die Neue Heimat (1950–1982). A Social Democratic Utopia and Its Buildings."
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location: Vorhoelzer Forum TU München, Arcisstraße 21, 5th floor