Sammlung TUM Archiv Peter Birkenholz Kugelholz Projekt Messehotel Leipzig 1928
Peter Birkenholz
Kugelhaus, Project Messehotel Leipzig, 1928
Sammlung TUM Archiv Theodor Fischer Garnisonskirche Ulm 1906
Theodor Fischer
Garnisonkirche Ulm 1906
Sammlung TUM Archiv Egon Eiermann Sep Ruf Deutscher Pavillon Weltausstellung Bruessel 1958
Egon Eiermann, Sep Ruf
German Pavilion, Worlds Fair in Brussel 1958
Sammlung TUM Archiv Hermann Finsterlin Casa Nova Serie 5 Blatt 7 Entwurf 1919
Hermann Finsterlin
Casa Nova, series 5 sheet 7, Design 1919
Sammlung TUM Archiv Benthem Crouwel Architekten Wohnhaus Benthem Almere Niederlande 1983
Benthem Crouwel Architekten
Architects home Benthem, Almere Netherlands 1983
Sammlung TUM Archiv Erik Gunnar Asplund Pavillon Stockholmer Ausstellung 1930
Erik Gunnar Asplund
Pavilion for the Stockholm Exhibition, 1930

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Architekturmuseum der TUM is member of the Föderation der deutschsprachigen Architektursammlungen sowie der Internationalen Confederation of Architectural Museums ICAM.

The museum maintains one of the largest archives in the German-speaking region for all areas of architecture. The continuously growing holdings serve as a basis for international research projects and publications as well as for teaching and exhibitions. The collection currently includes around 600 000 drawings, 200 000 photographs, 1500 models and many other media by over 700 architects and landscape architects. These include works by Leo von Klenze, Friedrich von Gärtner, Gottfried Semper, Theodor Fischer, Hanna Löv, Richard Riemerschmid, Paul Schneider-Esleben, Karljosef Schattner, Sigrid Neubert, Peter Latz and Behnisch & Partner.

For architecture classes at the university, which was opened 1868 in a new building west of the Alte Pinakothek, individual collections of teaching materials were stored, which form the basis of today's archive. In 1912, the teaching materials were combined into an architecture collection. After the Second World War, the holdings were stored in depots at the university. Since 1975, the collection has been systematically transformed into a scientific research archive with museum functions. Through intensive exhibition activity, initially in the Munich City Museum, the holdings could be presented to the public for the first time and disseminated through scientific catalogues. This increased international awareness and interest in the collection of the Architekturmuseum. This is proven also by the constantly growing number of inquiries for research and for presentations in Germany and abroad.

With funds from the German Research Foundation, the Architekturmuseum der TUM and the library of the TUM began in 2009 digitizing the collection of plans of the archive. During a two-year project period, the most valuable holdings from the 18th and 19th centuries (around 48 000 plans) were scanned in high resolution and made available online on the university library's multimedia server (MediaTUM). Since 2022, the archive has been developing a collection strategy for all “digitally born” materials since the 1990s.

Location: The archive is located at the Technical University Munich, Arcisstraße 21, Room 0347 (access from Luisenstraße, Entrance VI).



Archive visits by appointment: To the online appointment booking system

Archive Manager: Dr.-Ing. Irene Meissner (Phone: +49 (0)89-289 28352/ Email:
Restorer: Anton Heine (Email:
Registrar: Thilo Schuster (Phone: +49 (0)89-289 28355/ Email:
Photographer: Ester Vletsos (Phone: +49 (0)89-289 23920/ Email:
Student Assistant: Leon Rudolf (Email:

Project period: November 15th, 2023 - January 31st, 2025

International Hans Döllgast Days 2024

TH Munich "Thierschturm"  AM_TUM, doel-307-72
Hans Döllgast Watercolor painting

Thursday, June 6 and Friday, June 7, 2024
On the 50th anniversary of the death of Hans Döllgast (1891-1974)

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Hans Döllgast's death, the Department of Architecture of the TUM School of Engineering and Design (Archive of the Architekturmuseum der TUM + Chair of Design) in cooperation with the Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts will honor the life, work and impact of the important German architect and university professor with a two-day event.

Hans Döllgast studied architecture at the Technical University of Munich from 1910 to 1914. He learned freehand drawing from Paul Pfann and watercolor painting from Friedrich von Thiersch. He masterfully developed these techniques into a personal expression. After working with Richard Riemerschmid and Peter Behrens, Döllgast took on his first teaching assignments at the THM in 1929. In 1939 he received an associate professorship and in 1942 a full professorship for "Freehand Drawing and Spatial Art". In the post-war period, Döllgast was a formative teaching personality and taught all visual and design subjects. As an architect, he is best known for saving historical buildings during the reconstruction of Munich. Internationally he became known by his "creative restoration" of the Alte Pinakothek.

Program: International Hans Döllgast Days

With the support of:
Department of Architecture der TUM School of Engineering and Design, Technical University Munich
Martin Schnitzer, Schnitzer&
Klaus Kinold-Stiftung für Architektur + Fotografie
Bayerischer Landesverein für Heimatpflege

The Architekturmuseum der TUM and its collection are delighted to be a future partner of "bavarikon", the Free State of Bavaria's internet portal for the presentation of art, culture and knowledge treasures. Aim of the project is the provision of historical holdings, which have a connection to Bavaria and that have already been digitized and can be already accessed online via "MediaTUM", will be also accessible on "bavarikon". These include the important estates of Carl von Fischer, Friedrich von Gärtner, Friedrich von Thiersch and Theodor Fischer.

Five estates from the interwar and post-war period by Adolf Abel, Werner and Annelise Eichberg, Olaf Andreas Gulbransson, Hans and Traudl Maurer and Hans Schwippert, which are relevant for research, will be newly scanned.

Project Manager: Dr.-Ing. Irene Meissner
Deputy Project Manager: Anton Heine
Archivist: Dr. Evelyn Pechinger-Theuerkauf, (Email:
Archivist: Dipl.-Rest. (Univ.) Luise Sand (Email:
Reproduktionsfachkraft: Burim Kurti (Email:
Studentische Hilfskraft: Viktor Höricht (Email:

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