Architektur und Akteure

Praxis und Öffentlichkeit in der Nachkriegsgesellschaft

Publications 2017, Architektur und Akteure. Praxis und Öffentlichkeit in der Nachkriegsgesellschaft by Regine Heß
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German reconstruction after World War II was a task for society as a whole. Contributing alongside architects were stakeholders from politics and the business community, universities and government agencies, associations and municipalities, the press and exhibiting institutions – often involving personal continuity with the »Third Reich.« Liberated from the dictatorship, many people from a »society under conditions of compulsory mobilization« (Ulrich Herbert) took part in repairing the destruction – with the aim of preserving the »homeland.« The conflicts and forms of agreement that prevailed between practice and public opinion are the thematic focus of this book. Beyond stylistic questions, 20 authors discuss the role of networks and ideologies in postwar architecture.

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Editor | Regine Heß
ISBN number | 978-3-8376-4094-6
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