The Olympic City of Munich

Retrospect and Outlook

Publication 2022 Die Olympiastadt München: Rückblick und Ausblick by Irene Meissner and Andres Lepik
The Olympic City of Munich

The holding of the 1972 Summer Olympic Games as well as the construction of the Olympic sports facilities, the Olympic Village and the Olympic Park are among the most important events in the history of both Munich and the Federal Republic. Exhibition and catalog convey on the basis of seven topics - Munich on the move / Munich becomes Olympic city / The Olympic buildings and the Olympic Park / Visual appearance / Olympic summer / The heritage of the Olympic Park / Sustainable urban development - insights into Munich's path to the Olympic city, explain the planning and provide an outlook on the effects of the games on urban development.

The topics are accompanied by contemporary criticism of the Olympic Games as well as today's current challenges of urban society such as housing shortages, sustainability and gentrification. In-depth aspects convey a dense and vivid picture of the contemporary historical context and the Olympic complex, which claims the status of a World Heritage Site.

Catalogue with essays by: Wiepke van Aaken, Dietrich Erben, Dietrich Fink, Regine Keller, Irene Meissner, Monika Mühlenbeck-Krausen, Andreas Putz

Editor | Irene Meissner, Andres Lepik
ISBN number | 978-3-9819240-5-3
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