Volume #40: Architecture of Peace - Reloaded

The accompanying publication for The Good Cause

Publikation 2014 Volume#40 Architecture Of Peace - Reloaded von Arjen Oosterman mit Ole Bouman, Rem Koolhaas und Mark Wigley
Stichting Archis

»After the war ends, the war to re-build begins.«

Four years ago, »Volume 26: Architecture of Peace« explored the agency of architecture in post-conflict environments, presenting a tense and complex issue with no clear solutions. »Volume 40« returns to the battleground, zooming in on the period directly after peacekeeping forces arrive. The goal is to see what a ‘reconstruction mission’ actually is, how peacekeeping can anticipate its legacy, and how different cultures come with different solutions to build or maintain peace. Re-building after war, it would seem, is another battle altogether. The issue »Volume #40« features the catalogue to the exhibition »The Good Cause«.

The publication is only available in English.

Editors | Arjen Oosterman with Ole Bouman, Rem Koolhaas and Mark Wigley
ISBN number | 9789077966402
Price | 19,50 €