Collecting, Documenting and Presenting Architecture

Winter Semester 2018 | 2019

[Modul AR20083] Collecting, Documenting and Presenting Architecture: The Architect Peter Birkenholz in the Archive of the Architekturmuseum

with: Anja Schmidt

The Architekturmuseum of the Technical University of Munich houses a precious collection of models, plans and sketches by the architect Peter Birkenholz (1876-1961). As a lecturer at the trade school at Basel and as a professor at the Technical University Munich he was dedicated to teaching. Simultaneously, he took part in various competitions and exhibitions. He also established himself as an architect of residential- and commercial buildings, for which he designed the interior decoration.

Of all his projects the so called globe-houses were particularly relevant for the history of architecture. He planned them in variable appearances (from garden house to a whole city). It remains largely unknown that Birkenholz's designs covered a huge spectrum from bridges to palace of nations. He also worked as a city planner. The seminar will focus on the designs and built projects of this architect, which are kept in the archive of the Architekturmuseum.

The following seminar papers have been developed:

Hofmann, Wenzel: Entwürfe von Hallenschwimmbädern in Zürich, Kassel und München

Kleiner, Caspar: Platz der Technik und Platz der Kunst in München

Schlicht, Marcus: Vier Entwürfe für ein Messehotel in Leipzig