Marina Tabassum, Prayer Hall, Bait ur Rouf Mosque Dhaka, Bangladesh, 2012. Photo: Sandro di Carlo Darsa

Lecture: Marina TabassumJanuary 9, 2020, 6:30 p.m.

Reflections on South Asian Architecture

"The talk is a tribute to my subcontinental elders - whatever I have seen and learnt : it is by standing on the shoulders of the giants. I am fortunate to have met Balkrishna Doshi and Muzharul Islam. Charles Correa and Geoffrey Bawa- two other masters I only know through their works. Their pursuit in architecture are great inspiration to me and shaped my thinking and approach. This will be a reflection on their legacies and my journey." - Marina Tabassum

The lecture is an event as part of the exhibition "Balkrishna Doshi: Architecture for the People".

location | Ernst von Siemens-Auditorium, Pinakothek der Moderne