Paul Schneider-Esleben, Kalinga House, Kalkutta (India), 1960-1964, Modellfoto © Inge Goertz-Bauer

Collecting, documenting and presenting architectureMuseum projects in the archive

Winter Semester 2021 | 2022

[Modul AR20083] Collecting, documenting and presenting architecture: Museum projects in the archive

with: Anja Schmidt

It is reasonable to assume that the collection of the Architekturmuseum der TUM primarily contains construction projects from southern Germany, especially Bavaria. However, with the seminar papers published here, the students of the archive seminar “Building worldwide” show that the opposite is the case. The museum's extensive depots contain a large number of plans, photographs and documents on building plans and competition entries, scattered across all continents of the world. Evidence of the diversity and supra-regional building activity of the architects of the collection.

Three topics were selected, analyzed and described from the given list of papers. The following seminar papers were created:

Baumann, Niklas: Administration House Kalinga House, Kalkutta/India

Kasper, Alexandra: Bibliotheca Hertziana, Rom/Italien

Lutz, Ramona: Deutsche Embassy at the Heiligen Stuhl, Rom/Italy