Collecting, Documenting and Presenting Architecture

Winter Semester 2019 | 2020

[Module AR20083] Collect, document and present architecture: Synthetic Modernism - Case Studies from Archives and Monument Conservation

with: Laura Altmann

In the 20th century, the spectrum of architectural styles, construction methods and design processes has become increasingly diverse: 'Tradition' and 'modernity' describe the two poles between which built and unbuilt architecture is situated, especially in the first half of the century. Examples of the different variations of modern buildings were selected and worked out in chronological order in the seminar. The examination of the "degree of modernity" of the respective object served as a red thread. At what point along the way, from the 19th to the 20th century, is the object of investigation located? Which elements can be classified as traditional and which as modern? Is the diversity of the archive, i.e. the 'synthetic modernism', reflected in our monumental holdings?

With the help of different case studies, these questions were examined in order to describe and analyse architecture and urban planning on site during archive visits in front of originals and during short excursions. Mainly architects were selected whose plans, drawings, models and photographs are kept in the TUM's architectural archive, but have so far played a rather subordinate role in research.

The following seminar papers have been produced:

Kraemer, Luise: Karl Meitinger. Stadtbaurat vor und nach dem 2. Weltkrieg in München
Glasmann, Dorothea: Die Studentenwohnanlage im Olympiadorf von Werner Wirsing, 1968-1972
Teuschler, Anna: Neue Pinakothek 1975-81, Alexander Freiherr von Branca